About Us

Bauer’s Brew was born out of the necessity for something better. Our mission is to innovate and craft the highest quality coffee beverages in the world. You’ll know what we mean when you take that first sip. We are on a never ending pursuit for coffee perfection. All of our drinks are crafted to highlight the intrinsic specialness of the coffee cherry. You wont find copious amounts of "other" ingredients in our products. You will always know whats in your bottle. It's very important to us that we always stay all natural and totally transparent. We only use organic, specialty grade, single origin, and unique varieties of coffee. The details and information on the coffee we use will be on our website. Our brewing process is handled with extreme care with attention to detail. We only hand craft in small batches to ensure the quality of our product. We brew with meticulous passion. Our flavor is unmatched. You deserve the best, don't settle for less. We are proud to share this with you.

We truly believe you are holding the best cold brew on Earth. Our first line of products is the "Single Origin Series". Black cold brew created to blow your mind at what good coffee can taste like. No blends, no additives, no secrets. We plan on releasing other series of cold brews and delicious coffee based drinks, so please stay tuned and come along this journey with us!